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Why hire an End of Life Doula?

End-of-life doulas provide companionship, comfort, and guidance to those facing a terminal illness or death. Our non-medical holistic support encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical care. We offer resources to help the dying person, along with their family and loved ones, make informed decisions in a supportive environment.

  • Provide the opportunity to speak openly and frankly about dying

  • Talk about creating an advance care directive

  • Explore the meaning of the dying person’s life and legacy

  • Discuss and support end-of-life care planning

  • Develop a plan for how the space looks, feels and sounds

  • Incorporate traditions or create new rituals to mark special moments

  • Encourage appropriate ways of touching the dying person

  • Bring a focused and intuitive presence to the bedside

  • Assist with physical and practical care to ease the burden on caregivers

  • Provide respite for exhausted caregivers

  • Explain the signs and symptoms of the dying process

  • Process the emotions and experiences with loved ones

  • Support the spiritual practices of all involved

  • Guide people through the early stages of grieving

Let's talk about how I can help you or your loved one

Why hire a coach?

As a business owner, think of it as a benefit to your staff, you'll be happy you did as your employee retention rates rise.​

  • You and your staff can find new motivation

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses

  • Improve confidence

  • Set new goals for success

  • Receive encouragement and support as you improve your life

  • Increase your income, decrease your blocks

  • Understand your priorities and live by them

  • Have someone to be accountable to

  • Uncover new ideas for growth in business and life

Let's talk about how I can help you or your staff

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Must have resource for Green Burial

Learn More Now...​

Funeral expenses in the United States average over $10,000. Every year, conventional funerals bury millions of tons of wood, concrete, and metals, as well as millions of gallons of carcinogenic embalming fluid. There is a better way, and Elizabeth Fournier, affectionately dubbed the “Green Reaper,” walks you through it, step-by-step in her book, "The Green Burial Guidebook."


She covers everything from green burial planning and home funeral basics to legal guidelines and outside-the-box options, such as burials at sea. Fournier points the way to green burial practices that consider both the environmental well-being of the planet and the economic well-being of loved ones.

Many modern death care options are available, plan ahead!

This is not a complete list of all of the options available today, but a starting point for you to understand your options and start planning ahead for yourself, and your loved ones.

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Need Assistance with a Celebration of Life?

Visit Purple Crow Sings

Heather Michet, Ceremonialist, creates unique, personalized life celebrations and memorial ceremonies, weaving a cappella vocals from my curated song collection throughout, to deepen meaning and enhance connection between participants and the honored person. 

What is a Death Doula?

Listen to this podcast to learn more...

Despite amazing advances in medical science and technology, the mortality rate for human beings stands at 100 percent. Yet, in the face of this statistical reality, death still manages to come as a shock, leaving us wondering what to say and do in response. Join Elizabeth Fournier, host of KKPZ's new show "Until We Meet Again" as we gently open up conversations about death in a culture that often is left wondering what to say or do in response.

Please join the conversation every Thursday at 2pm on KKPZ-AM, 1330, Portland, Oregon. Listen to Elizabeth's conversation with Nurse Apple (End of Life Doula/Founder Applegate Overcrossings)

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Evening Star End-of-Life Doula Services

What is an End-of-Life Doula? Click here to learn more...

A doula is an assistant who provides emotional and  practical support during a life transition. In the case of dying, we provide planning and coaching support early in a diagnosis, vigil support during the active dying phase, and follow-up support for loved ones three to eight weeks after the death.

Providing compassionate conversation, education & preparation for end-of-life.

Would you like to Become a Coach?

Coach Training World offers an Accredited Coach Training Program and recognizes that the whole pathway to success includes a deep and powerful immersion in how to create human transformation, the ability to launch and sustain a successful coaching business, and a sustainable coaching business model. Whole Person Coaching instills the confidence and capacity to surf life’s turbulent waters and face sudden change, as well as the unknowable.

Do you need help with your website?

Whether you're a coach, or have another service you'd like to promote, I can help you with content, design and getting online! I created my first website in the 90's my background consists of creative, technical and marketing, and with that, I am highly capable of getting you set up with a presence online. Get in touch now for more information.

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