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Conflict Resolution Series: What is it, Who Needs It, and How Does It Help?

Conflict resolution is a collection of concepts and actions designed to bring a peaceful end to a disagreement. Conflict may arise for many reasons. Human nature is such that people often don’t agree and find themselves at odds with one another. The resulting conflict may be mild to severe, depending on what is at stake and how passionately people feel about their position.

When people can’t agree, something has to change in order to end the disagreement and find resolution. Conflict resolution seeks to understand all sides of what is happening and move the situation to a peaceful outcome for all involved.

Conflict resolution is a skill set that has value. So much so that it is offered as a form of collegiate study. Conflict resolution and its various forms, such as negotiator or mediator, are intriguing career tracks found in:

  • The Military

  • Police Departments

  • Legal Firms

  • The Courts

  • Real Estate

  • And More…

Professional conflict resolution is often part of large corporations and used by national and international governments to make policy changes and settle political strife. Being effective at mediating and resolving conflict is a respected and important skill set to have.

Who Needs Conflict Resolution?

To a degree, everyone needs conflict resolution at one time or another. Sometimes conflict can be resolved among the parties at odds and sometimes a neutral third party needs to step in. The skills for conflict resolution are universal and can benefit anyone - whether they are a professional or not.

You may have found yourself going through a legal battle or a divorce. Perhaps you are at odds with a neighbor or a co-worker. In every case where people can’t come to a peaceful agreement naturally, conflict resolution can ease some of the tension and help find a solution that is a win/win.

How Does Conflict Resolution Help?

In the simplest of cases, conflict resolution brings a level-headed way of thinking into a heated issue and solves the conflict quickly. In complicated cases, conflict resolution restores balance to oftentimes inequitable situations and overcomes barriers to resolution.

Through using techniques that defuse anger and tension into practical actions that restore sanity and seek common ground, conflict resolution helps end conflict in a way where all parties involved receive an equitable outcome.

Conflict resolution is a skill set that reduces anger and reconnects people. Conflict resolution can restore situations back to their original intention and ensure safe and equitable outcomes for all parties involved.

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