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Musings & Inspiration: The Freedom of Intuition

The life motto of one of my dear friends is this: "Live and act on your instincts. Always be true to yourself... and always keep your sense of humor." Arlo is one of the rarest gems on the planet in my opinion.

She has preached, and more importantly lived this motto ever since I’ve known her, and well before that. I admire her for walking her talk. She’s a strong, beautiful and wise woman that can be too intense for some people, and it’s gotten her in uncomfortable situations now and then, yet she is unwavering on her beliefs and is never afraid to listen to her intuition and more important, live by it. Even more admirably, she is able to laugh about it as she shares stories about past experiences, and can most often say, “See, I told them so…”

What happens when you are presented with an opportunity that seems so right and looks good from every angle, but you still have an uneasy feeling about it? Listen. That is your intuition speaking.

That intangible, and generally hidden aspect of a situation is almost always more important than all of the logical decision making, headache-inducing, mind-numbing thought that you would like to be the quantifiable answer to whatever dilemma you are facing.

Most often though, we are so caught up in our spreadsheets, and logic that we fail to hear, much less listen to our quiet little voice inside that is our intuition. But it tells us those things that may be contrary to what we really want. We want that beautiful house that needs a little work to be perfect. We want that exciting new job that has us traveling all the time, but leaves no quality time for ourselves, or our relationships. We long for that perfect partner to waltz into our lives and sweep us off our feet, only to find out that it’s taking us away from our most important life goals.

Not to say that we can’t have it all, we absolutely can. However, if we honestly look at these situations in our lives, tracing them back to the inception, did the decisions turn out to be the best ones possible that are in alignment with all of our values and goals?

Most often, these situations do work out if we’ve paid attention to the little voice. Think back to any of your big life decisions, and reflect for a minute to recall if you listened to your intuition, and how those decisions worked out for you. If you’re still happy with the outcomes, I’d bet you were listening. If not, pay attention next time, and the time after that. It will become easier over time, and you will have the certainty in knowing that you have made the best possible choices in alignment with your whole self.

Once you start using your intuition all the time, you will have much more balance and much less regret in your life. That kind of freedom costs nothing, and is easier to attain than all of the riches in the world.

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