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Musings & Inspiration: Longing for the Fantasy

"One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen."

― John O'Donohue

He prays to the stars, sun and moon For new love to materialize soon

All alone for too many years

Isolated in part by his own fears

She walks to the sea every night

Collecting stars far and bright

Filling her pockets up to the brim

Until it’s time for an evening swim

His mind wanders and spirit roams free

From high atop mountains to sand and sea

In the distance as the moon shone

He knew that night he wasn’t alone

Sweet bella greeted him full of love

After gathering her stars from above

Sharing her energy this radiant soul

For him to heartily enjoy and behold

She had aroused his soul, mind and heart

That wondrous night under moon and stars

Fate had blessed them this night at the sea

In wondrous caress of nature’s beauty

Now wrapped up in their favorite tales

Up in the clouds they’d soon set sail

Silken words caressed their skin

Starry views from where it begins

Dreamy nights await poetic lovers

Interwoven together under covers

Drifting off to wondrous diction

Partners in fantasy, verse and fiction

Magical luck and timing at play

The night they met at the moonlit bay

All fears, doubts, remorse set aside

The longing has now been satisfied

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