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Musings & Inspiration: Gone too Soon

This poem is a tribute to my son, who transitioned a few years ago after struggling with depression and drugs (street and prescribed, unfortunately) for years, in a spiral that he was unable to pull out of, and no family, friends, hospital, doctor or treatment center was able to help him find his way through.

My second son on his eighteenth year, second day, eleventh month couldn’t deal with life not one more day not one more minute just needed to quit it and so he’s gone.

He’d have tried before to end it all but not succeeded until his fall attempts incomplete until he was sure we’d have all given up on him.

Then unexpected that fateful night boy who cried wolf gave his final fright when no one expected couldn’t be resurrected got his wish to end it time for transcendence.

Left us behind to spend our remaining years without his presence brother and son we miss you forever love you stuck in this hell without you.

Gone too soon to see your light keep shining bright past your demons far too daunting shattered dreams forever gone, yet never forgotten.

Here we are left standing, wondering what if, and why couldn’t you just get through it some miraculous way it’s so hard each day we’re missing you.

Beautiful soul too soft for this place couldn’t make heads or tails of each day all the struggles you endured my love couldn’t cure.

Died inside each day we couldn’t save you from yourself though we tried, I cried you cried, and denied me of having you reach full potential now ashes, handfuls.

Cause you’re gone no one will know your heart’s desires reigning in those fires to shine outside your inner prisoner escaped, set free and so it is to be.

We’re stuck here playing your rules because you left opted out, no more game over your body is gone but sweet angel you’re never forgotten.

If you, or someone you love is suffering, there are many options out there, you don’t have to check out to feel better. People really do love you. Reach out and try to get help, even a conversation with a stranger may change your life. 800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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