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Musings & Inspiration: Embracing the Goddess

'God may be in the details, but the Goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.’   Gloria Steinem.

Harmonious friends, sweet birds of a feather

My lover and I indulged in great pleasures

He wasted my time, dreaming up little faeries

As I’m a Goddess who’s restless and weary

Undeniably time for this woman to move on

To seek out my warrior, deserving and strong

I’ve wished upon stars, I’ve prayed to the moon 

Consoling myself, seeking oracles and runes

As the moon shines on me ever so bright

My spirit roams free in dreams every night

In the caress of nature, this story unfolds

Commencing with love of my own heart and soul

It’s time to proclaim “Bow down to your queen!”

Demand trust and respect, it’s all that we need

This woman's creative, and smart, beauty besides

Strong, humble and honest, with nothing to hide

Perhaps I’ve hid from myself all along

No more, time's up, I know where I belong

Join in kindred spirits, sweet souls all the same

Sing your own praises, be brazen, unashamed

Magnificent splendour and rich life awaits

Come to the bright side, enjoy your good fates

Depart from the darkness, with no more distress

We’re pillars of strength and wondrous success

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