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Musings & Inspiration: How would you answer this question?

"If you knew your life was almost over, what would you do differently?"

It is a very simple question. Not everyone thinks of the simple questions, but they can spark engaging conversations. That's what coaching is all about. We engage in meaningful questions with you, so that you are able to ponder the big answers to those simple questions. Before you know it, you are likely to be fired up with enthusiasm you didn't even know you could tap into! Are you ready to give coaching a try? Get in touch.

Here are some responses from social media

  • I think the main thing I would do is make sure I worry and stress less!

  • Quit my job, move to Scotland, own a few goats. Eat waaaaaay more donuts.

  • I would spend more time with the people who matter and make it a point to talk to them more without distraction.

  • Tell loved ones how much you LOVE THEM... and make sure they understand you love them! There is nothing better than hugs!

  • Max out the credit cards, have fun and share with everyone I can help out.

  • Smile more and stop eating meat.

  • I'd start by smiling and saying hello to every person I came across, it would be fun trying this approach to start the day.

  • Deliver my philosophy of life and transformation to the world.

  • There was much of my life that I couldn't have given this as an honest answer. But to that question but today, I am very blessed to say I would not change much. Life is good, as will be “death.”

Did any of these resonate with you? ... Perhaps. Send me your thoughts, what would you do?

The idea of a simple question like this is what's behind the answers. It's an easy way to get talking about values and motivation. Once you are tuned in with that, and start digging in a little deeper, you can make amazing things happen.

Are you ready to improve some area in your life with coaching? Call me to see if it’s a good fit… +1 971-319-0452 or email


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