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If there is stability within you, it will be easier to bring stability outside you. — Sadhguru


Like the flower, each petal has meaning, and beauty, and every flower is unique, just like you! Where are you thriving, and where are you out of balance?

  • Would you like to discover your blind spots?

  • Do you have creative blocks? How can you get past them?

  • Time is your friend, where do you waste it?

  • Are you dealing with relationship issues, or ready to attract the best partner for you?

  • What challenges do you face at work?

  • Do you need more self-care?

  • How do you lack motivation?

There are many things in life you can't control, what is manageable, is how you deal with your unique circumstances. In coaching, we look at all of the aspects that influence your life. I provide support to help you have a life of thriving, not just surviving. Creating a caring, compassionate partnership, my coaching tools and techniques help you through your journey of self discovery.

When you face your obstacles, you get out of the fog and clearly identify steps to move forward with new possibilities. ​Through coaching, the process of well-being is accelerated to more easily work toward your unique goals. Are you ready to experience some amazing breakthroughs? Let's get started now!

Business Meeting

Schedule a call to find out how you can overcome obstacles to reach your goals. Sessions are by appointment only. I am able to accommodate most schedules. Introductory meetings are in person or over the phone, then phone meetings for the remaining sessions. Email for more info, or get started now with the New Client Info form.

Color Fog


Our first meeting is referred to as a Discovery Session to determine the type of package that best fits your situation. This can be done in person, by phone or video call. Every individual has a unique situation, the initial discussion will allow us to craft a plan that best fits your needs and determine your goals.


Growing Plants


Best if you’re new to coaching, or if you need to address a specific issue. 1.5 hour Discovery, followed up with five or more 1-hour sessions.

New Growth


Similar to the Starters, we will work toward your goals. 1.5 - 2-hour Discovery, followed up with seven or more 1-hour sessions.

Herb Plants


Dig into core beliefs, motivating factors and get feedback for real improvements. 1.5 - 2-hour Discovery, then ten or more 1-hour sessions.

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